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Game Beta 1 – 2022 EOY

What you will need to play

  1. A Windows PC
  2. An XBox style joystick, picture below.  IF you don’t have one, let me know and I will send you one. 
  1. TO download this zip file , and unzip to your computer. https://gamebeta2020.blob.core.windows.net/$web/GameBeta%203%20Jan%202022.zip?sv=2020-10-02&st=2022-01-03T18%3A00%3A24Z&se=2022-01-04T18%3A00%3A24Z&sr=b&sp=r&sig=cQ2LtLezRZZdJJuT9xkWIe2jYne6wY0vmSgZ5EwetF4%3D
  2. Click on file Purple – version 5.exe to start game. (It will take about three minutes to load and when you see “Press A” It is ready to start. 

What I’d like to know 

  1. any feedback on game play, or suggestions.
  2. any issues you have with game. If you take a screen shot (Shift + PrtSC key) that is best since the lable at bottom left of screen shows me exactly where you are in game (for issues where you get struck or fall through the ground)

Known issues:

  • Some of the powers do not work (since you start the game with them).
  • only about 1/3 of the NPC dialog is there, so sometimes the NPC say funny things and the orientation is weird. 
  • The Game save is a little wonkey, if you close the app and reopen. 
  • Sometimes when you are talking to someone your sword disappears. 
  • Many of the foe’s guns will not hurt you. 
  • On the space station some of the doors do not open, but you can walk through them so is okay.