May 21, 2020 By OverMind 0

The concerns of the MiddleMind (A2P1)

Memories the ghost (Act 2 Part 1) – (on YouTube)

Wake to My alarm that says “good morning”

then breakfast with the one that I know best

do I walk to the corner for coffee

or the counter girl I mentally undress.

Then play a game with the people on the subway

where I find something I like in every one

it puts me in the mood for the morning.

you should try it sometime it is really fun.

Does everything plan before it happens?

Is there a part specifically for me?

Forty thousand moments, what’s recorded,

in the poor handwriting of memory?

Memory’s the ghost that says “could have been”

till all I want to do is goto bed.

Memory’s all are treasures

I hope I get to keep some when I’m dead.

Memories the ghost (Act 2 Part 1) – (on YouTube)