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Psychic and Logic – best of

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As a teenager my very first recording projects, on my Tascam Portal007, were as “Psychic and Logic”. Over about two years, I put out 7 EPs containing 71 songs (there are actually more than that since one of the recordings “Transgressions at Wibish” I couldn’t find a copy of the recording, though I did find the artwork).

Cover for “Deviation”

For the last twenty+ years I have been carrying these tapes around like treasures everywhere I moved, always intending to digitize them and remove the tape hiss, so that I could back them up somewhere. Over the last week, finally was able to do that.

Could have been for “a purplish flask of Red”

Only two of the recordings had cover art (because those ones I made copied of on my tape deck and photocopied covers for friends at summer camp and work weekends, so maybe someone has a copy of “Transgressions at Wibish” somewhere). For the other ones, I had a bunch of drawings in a notebook, below, which could have been covers if I had printed them out. (In the prephotoshop days the downsizing to fit as covers was the most time consuming part).

Could have been the cover for “Inner Innards”

Thought it would be fun/funny to put some of my favorites onto a ‘best of’ of the seven records I could find (eight Total)

  • Deviation
  • A Purplish flask of Red
  • Inner Innards
  • Transgressions at Wibish
  • tell tail signs
  • please suffocate
  • I’m a fuck up, you’re a fuck, we’re all fuck ups
  • Nicky Newties Textured Nudist Band
The Missing Record
could have been cover for “Telltail Signs”
Could have been the cover for “Please Suffocate”

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