May 9, 2020 By OverMind 0

Psychic and logic – rereleases

When I was sixteen, my amazing Mom got me a Tascam Porta 007, which was the best thing ever. Made a whole bunch of very random recordings between like age 16-18 on it and have been carrying around the tapes for the last many years as treasures. Occasionally worrying that the magnetic tape on them was going to wear out or that the box they were in would get close to a magnet. With the extra ‘free time’ during the social isolation days, set it again and digitized them. Now going through in Cubase, cleaning up the audio a bit and then will be posting them to band camp. Some of it is “impressively terrible” and some is actually pretty good. More to come as I get them up and out. Planning to take some drawing from when I was that age too and create album art for them (since only two of them were ever given covers, photocopied and given to confused friends).