May 5, 2020 By OverMind 0

The Froms – Act 3 – starting

It’s been more than three years since Act 2 of The Froms (“Concerns from the Middlemind”) was released*, and today work on Act 3 (“The indifference of the undermind”) has started**. A release date has not been set. Updates and work in progress will be posted here.

* The final render of “Concerns from the Middle Middlemind” destroyed two computers which whose GPUs/CPUs were just not up to the task of rendering all those layers.

** Been watching this awesome Masterclass from DeadMau5 and these great videos from Rick Beato and super inspired to make some electronic music. (In addition to mastering two unreleased “Loving Automation” records, one of which will come out on bandcamp this Friday…)