April 8, 2020 By OverMind 0

The Transmissions from the Overmind (Act 1 part 2)

The Froms – Act 1 part 2 – The i

In the traumatic bakeries you are asked, How did you expect it to be any different? As if an an answer existed other than to recline into the darkness. And you can’t hide from us, you say you can’t find a way to hide from us. [editors note: it appears that the parts which increase in musical intensity cause the video to become very colorful and shapes to disolve. For future investigation if other transmissions contain the same distortions.] you can not see the voices they say. overmind what are you doing to me. overmind what are you doing to me. you can define yourself as part of the light and not part of the darkness.

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